A good start

Yesterday’s reading of the Constitution was inspiring, a reminder that some in Congress have not forgotten the basis for their service. Others, principally on the left, reacted like vampires exposed to a cross, hissing and hiding from the light. The best news? Some Democrats joined Republicans in the House in the reading, for the best kind of bipartisanship: a shared belief in our foundation.

Was it all just a show, cheap symbolism? Certainly possible. However, that it was the first time ever a house of Congress performed such a reading says this could be the start of a sincere attempt to make our laws in harmony with the Constitution. We’ll see how much of this symbolism gets translated into actual legislation, despite Republicans’ vow to cite a constitutional basis for all bills.

The reading certainly gives me hope, but there’s hard sledding ahead.  Liberals have been focused on remaking us in their image of who we should be.  According the them, the liberals, that is.  Repealing the individual mandate of ObamaCare is a good place to start, for absent this mandate to sustain the costs, the entire rancid scheme unravels.

In part because of the individual mandate,  ObamaCare spits in the face of the Constitution.  The larger reason?  Where in the Constitution is it written that the federal government should control our health-care decisions?

As for the individual mandate, this is the first-ever requirement that an individual must purchase a private good or service (health insurance) or be fined by the federal government.  The automobile insurance analogy is false, as one may choose not to drive a car and thus not be required to buy auto insurance.   But the ObamaCare mess requires you to buy health insurance if you are alive.

If this stands because of weak-minded Supreme Court justices who will likely be the ultimate deciders, then what stops the government from say, requiring all of us to buy Chevy Volts?  After all, according to “living Constitution” liberals, any means are justified if they support a supposedly desirable end. Universal health care is desirable; let’s require all to purchase health insurance.  It is really not different to claim that reducing the use of gasoline is desirable; therefore let’s require all to purchase Chevy Volts.

One must hope that a sufficient number of people, especially including Members of Congress, will take especial heed of Amendment X:

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

A fond hope, but recent history makes me pessimistic.  That sucking sound you might be hearing, if the ObamaCare individual mandate is not squashed, is our Constitution going down the memory hole, helped by your good socialist friends at Obama’s re-election headquarters.


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