“We have the same kinds of problems”

The murders in Tucson were committed by a sick young man who had no discernible politics. At least none that had any rationality. He’s apparently not a member of any organized group with a like agenda (inter alia the gold standard, grammar, and mind control). Based on what is known so far, this is a one-off killer, a psycho. Period.

On the other hand, over the past decade, there have been hundreds of attacks, including thousands killed, in the name of Islam. Now, you may accept that those who kill in the name of Islam have “hijacked” their faith. Or, perhaps, they are the mainstream of Islam.

Either way, what they all have in common is their (claimed) Islamic faith. Logically, it is invalid to compare a single event that has no underlying religious or political grounding with hundreds of events that do. But, for our politically correct Obamatons, including, sadly, Hillary Clinton, it’s all of a piece.

Just in Abu Dhabi, our Secretary of State told an Arab audience that we in the United States have “exactly” the same problems (this is what she said on the video I saw) as they do in the Arab world.

Yes, of course this must be the case. Because we simply can not admit that it is clearly not the case, that a single deranged individual is not at all the same as an entire faith (OK, let’s say the hijacked branch of that faith) that executes and supports terrorism. Political correctness at this level commits two wrongs.

First, it prevents us from thinking clearly about a heinous event: a single, deranged young man who targeted a Congresswoman, killed six, including a Federal judge. The perpetrator had zero to do with any religion, political party, official, or commentator, and attempts to make such connections (especially to Sarah Palin) simply hateful and wrong. There is no underlying problem in our society; the problem is with one evil young man.

Second, it lets Islam off the hook for many crimes committed in its name. It is obvious, or should be, that Jared Loughlin is qualitatively different from, say, Nidal Hasan, who had a clear history of Islamic extremism and shouted the usual Allahu Akbar! while on his shooting rampage. Hasan isn’t deranged, unless one considers Islam to be a mental disease or defect.

If the Arab world is given soothing pablum by us that says “we have the same kinds of problems,” that their brand of terrorism is the same as one crazy guy in Arizona, they won’t have much incentive to solve those problems.


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