The good, the bad, and the ugly

First the good: Obama, perhaps for the first time in his two years as president, gave a speech that approached being presidential. It was good, as far as it went. It detracted from itself by being far too long. Another failure? Obama took the coward’s way out, and did not call out those who were using the shooting as an excuse for shouting at those they disagreed with: his own base.

Now the bad: This was not a case of both sides being at fault. No, this was, plain and simple, lefties claiming, absent any evidence, that the psychotic, lone killer was somehow motivated by politics and commentators on the right. Since any objective reading of the noise since the shooting must lead to the conclusion that the left should just shut up on this subject, the chastening by Obama is only implied.

Yet again, Obama will not speak the plain truth, until he absolutely has to (cf. Jeremiah Wright, radical anti-American, anti-Semite, only rolled under the bus when he criticized Obama).

Finally, the ugly: the entire event was disgraceful and dishonors the memories of the fallen. It was a pep rally, a call to some vague, unspecified action. What, exactly, does “Together we Thrive, Tucscon & America” mean? That Tucson was not a part of America until yesterday? Or that it remains separate and apart, hence must come “together” with America? And that Tucson will now “thrive” as a result of a singular event of insane savagery? At best, this is nonsense.

Now we know what an academically poor institution the University of Arizona is (it’s the school of last resort for those who can’t get into Texas or California schools; unofficial motto: “at least we’re not Arizona State”). But handing out T-shirts at a public mourning? That is ugly, plain and simple.

If it turns out that the White House is behind this ugliness, I would not be surprised. They must have had veto power over the event. Shouldn’t some adults have stepped in to remind the U.of A. that this was not a pep rally?

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