Timely, no?

Breathless headline on this WaPo story: “Study: 129 million have preexisting conditions.” Which, of course, ObamaCare will fix, while none of us lose our insurance company of choice and, oh by the way, we’ll pay less for.

To be fair, the WaPo is not purely a cheerleader for the Democrats. The also cite another study that far fewer people have preexisting conditions that could, wait for this totally unexpected result, cause them to be rejected or pay more for health insurance.

Republicans may be wrong in claiming that the release of this study is purely political. Yes, and the sun may rise in the west tomorrow.
The problem is that Obama and his lefty minions in Congress want us to believe that all may be covered, at no rise in cost.

This is impossible in the real world. In ObamaWorld, what will happen if we don’t put an end to it is that the government will end up paying for all insurance. In the real world, health insurance, like any kind of insurance, is a contract between you and your insurance company. You pay them to accept the risk that you will take more in health care services than you pay in premiums.

If that risk is already 100% with a preexisting condition, then the transaction is no longer risk-based, and the product may no longer be called “insurance” with any intellectual honesty. Since we may safely presume that private insurance companies are in business to make a profit, it will not be long before there will be no private insurance companies. There will be government-subsidized insurance companies.

It is past time for Republicans, joined by those few Democrats who still remember that this was a free nation before Obama, to kill health care in its infancy. Repeal, and, since this will not work while the Left has a presidential veto, de-fund it. Perhaps after the symbolic vote in the House for repeal, go after the individual mandate.

Oh, and yes, I wrote “kill” ObamaCare. I meant it: put crosshairs on it, target it, blast it out of existence. This makes me responsible, I suppose, for the heinous shootings in Tucson. Also, according to one congressman in an affirmative action leadership post , James Clyburn, yes, I must be a racist because I’m against socialized medicine.


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