Windy and sunny

An editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal sheds some sunlight on the attempts by favored industries to continue receiving their welfare checks. From those of us who still pay taxes, that is.

We are told, over and over and over again, how we must “go green” and replace fossil fuels with allegedly cleaner sources of power. These are windmills and solar energy converters. Both of which require infrastructure and manufacturing capacity which is not there and will not be there because it is too expensive.

But “green” is god with those who would emulate Red China in many things. After all, they have state capitalism, we’re their 21st century rival, why shouldn’t we have state capitalism? And this is where lefties, including Obama (don’t believe for a nanosecond that he all of a sudden has become a centrist).

In particular, there is one lizard-lobbyist who opines in a letter published by the Journal that we should provide more subsidies for solar power, else the Chinese will go ahead of us in some race or another.

Solar power has several handicaps, one of which being it requires a lot of acreage covered in solar panels to generate significant quantities of electricity. Oh, they’re great if you just want to light up a tent at a renaissance fair, or heat a few gallons of water in your house. Great except you’re likely to find that this is the most expensive hot water in creation, once you include the total costs.

But, wait, say the greenies and have been for decades: soon solar (and any other non-viable power source) will be competitive, just you wait. All we need is just a few more billions of taxpayers’ money…

Here’s what the Journal had to say:

…the U.S. already subsidizes solar power to the tune of $24.34 a megawatt hour, according to an Energy Information Administration study based on 2007 data. That compares with subsidies of $23.37 that year for wind, 44 cents for coal, 25 cents for natural gas and $1.59 for nuclear power. We’d expect the subsidy gap would be even greater today between solar and wind power and other energy sources.

…industry special-pleaders appear to want the U.S. to emulate the Chinese model of state-supported capitalism. So if the Chinese want to allocate capital to politically well-connected industries at the expense of the larger economy and citizenry, then we should punish Americans too.

What the Obamatons and the Communist Chinese do is quite similar. It’s called many things, including “crony capitalism.” I prefer a more direct name: national socialism.


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