The Great Divide?

Senator Marco Rubio has, wisely, questioned the need for a Tea Party Caucus in the United States Senate. His stated concern is one of co-option: everyone in the Republican Party wants to be in the tea party’s good graces.

Except there is no “tea party” in the way there is a Republican Party. The narrative from the mainstream media and their leftist overlords for the past year might well be labeled “The Great Divide” between the Republican Party and the tea party(ies). Except there really is no divide. Most Republicans seem to have become budget and deficit hawks, and have signed on to such things as earmark bans.

If there were a separate Tea Party Caucus in the Senate, it would merely play into the Left’s narrative: see, the tea partiers aren’t really Republicans. Why, they even have a separate caucus. It’s better not to have such a caucus for the basic reason that all Republicans ought to be on-board with the less government, more freedom, less deficit mantra of the tea parties.

Ought to. We’ll see if this awakening is real, or if many Republicans slump back into the stupor of wasteful spending that was their hallmark in the Bush years. Perhaps it took a genuine socialist, B. H. Obama, make this happen. If so, thank you, B.O. Now, let’s get rid of him (metaphor alert for PC idiots: not through violence; through the ballot in 2012).


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