Hoping for change?

Anne Applebaum is encouraged by what’s going on in Egypt. Her concluding thought? “We should smile and embrace instability. And we should rejoice—because change, in repressive societies, is good.”

Sounds much like liberals in the run-up to the election of the community organizer Obama, who, so far on the Egyptian fray, has voted “present.” Recall that for liberals back in 2008, it was BushHitler’s oppressive regime, where Rush Limbaugh was going to have a contest with Karl Rove to see who could get into your library borrowing records first. Or something; libs were never really clear on demonstrating any threat to their civil liberties under the Bush presidency.

Getting back to Applebaum’s rejoicing, she seems to believe that any change in Egypt is good. Why? Because that nasty old Mubarak is an SOB, there’s no real freedom in Egypt, blah blah blah. Sounds like Applebaum is a neocon, to me. Wonder where she stands on our liberation of Iraq from Saddam? Three guesses, but I don’t think I’m giving much away by linking this article by her titled “The Damage Done; How the war in Iraq has hurt America.”

So why celebrate change in Egypt? Well, of course they’ll become a Jeffersonian democracy overnight. Of course the islamists, led by the massive Muslim Brotherhood, won’t take over. They’ll simply compete in open and fair elections.

Nonsense. The best result? One election, one time, and an islamist or islamist-friend like Mohamed ElBaradei takes over. For a while.

Sometimes, the best outcome is stability, even under an SOB like Mubarak. He, and his chosen successor would seem to present the best chance for stability, assuming he has the wisdom to withdraw from public view for a time. If the best alternative is ElBaredei, he who facilitated the Iranian nuke program, he who is cozy with the Muslim Brotherhood, then we’re in for a 55-gallon drum full of Middle East sturm-und-drang that we’ve not seen since Nasser.

Mubarak may be an SOB, but he’s our SOB.


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