Eat your broccoli in your Chevy Volt

Judge Roger Vinson’s summary judgment finds ObamaCare to be unconstitutional, in its entirety, because of the individual mandate that all citizens must engage in an economic activity. To wit, buying health insurance.

Absent this mandate, regardless of the judge’s finding, ObamaCare falls apart; its logic being that an fresh influx of payments are essential to float the entire mess. 

Here’s an extract from that judgment that should make even liberals think about the essential nature of liberty in what used to be a free republic:

Congress could require that people buy and consume broccoli at regular intervals, not only because the required purchases will positively impact interstate commerce, but also because people who eat healthier tend to be healthier, and are thus more productive and put less of a strain on the health care system. Similarly, because virtually no one can be divorced from the transportation market, Congress could require that everyone above a certain income threshold buy a General Motors automobile — now partially government-owned — because those who do not buy GM cars (or those who buy foreign cars) are adversely impacting commerce and a taxpayer-subsidized business. 

There are, of course, those who would think that requiring us to eat our broccoli in Chevy Volts would be a perfect outcome. One thinks of Moron Mike Bloomberg and his attempts to ban all unhealthful foods from New York City, and the fools of San Francisco attempting to regulate Happy Meals. 

But New York City and San Francisco are not really representative of America. They are certainly not representative of the American ideal of liberty, in which each one of us must be free to choose his or her way of living, and accept the consequences for those choices.

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