Contemptible if true: our government traded British nuclear secrets to the Russians, to get them to go along with the new strategic arms reduction treaty (START).

According to this report, we provided U.K. classified information against the wishes of Her Majesty’s Government.

All of this was in service of a worse-than-useless treaty with an untrustworthy adversary: Czar Putin’s Russia. START hinders the development of an effective missile defense, while assuring the world that two sane nuclear powers, the United States and Russia, will not blow each other up.

Where to start, no pun intended? Well, one doesn’t betray a true ally’s secrets. Not to another ally; certainly not to an adversary.

This is lacking in basic honor, and contemptible. Something that Barack Hussein Obama does not appear to understand: the bonds of trust between two Anglo-Saxon peoples that should never be abused in this manner.


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