“maintain the financial soundness”

As quoted by James Taranto in today’s Best of the Web:

“In this regard, the health care law is little different from Social Security. The [high] court unanimously recognized in 1982 that it would be ‘difficult, if not impossible’ to maintain the financial soundness of a Social Security system from which people could opt out. The same analysis holds here: by restricting certain economic choices of individuals, we ensure the vitality of a regulatory regime clearly within Congress’s power to establish.”–Laurence Tribe, New York Times, Feb. 8

Common sense tells me that forcing someone to purchase a good (health insurance) from a private company is different entirely than participating in a purely government pension scheme such as Social Security. In that case one is buying into a system in which your money will eventually be returned, and then some.

Worst, with all respect to Laurence Tribe, since when is the test of liberty the ability to “maintain the financial soundness” of something?

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