“our community”

“Obama Administration Celebrates Black History by Winning the Future” is the inane title of the press release for what that release calls “Black History Month,” “African American History Month,” and, all at the same time, “National African American Heritage Month.” Quite a month, I’d have to say.

All of this is under the rubric of “Winning the Future,” whatever that is supposed to mean. I presume it has something to do with some perceived global competition. For example, which nation’s children do best in math and science. Or which nation has the greatest number of job-killing regulations without actually being a communist dictatorship. Oh, right. We don’t really want to win that future: it’s already upon us.

The entire notion of setting aside a month to celebrate the sparse accomplishments of blacks in our nation’s history is both patronizing and counter-productive. Why are those accomplishments sparse? Slavery and Jim Crow have much to do with this, and the miracle is that so many blacks were able to rise above racism to accomplish anything.

The hard truth is that those accomplishments look a bit lonely when swept into a box, put under the spotlight, and celebrated for an entire month. Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate black achievement as inseparable from American achievement? And do it all year long, and not segregate the blacks into February?

Finally, a small but telling detail. from the press release, this gas:

This year’s celebration of Black History Month will be an opportunity not just to look back and celebrate the achievements of our community, but also to honor the legacy of those that have come before us while fostering the leaders of tomorrow.

Presumably the “achievements of our community” and “legacy of those that have come before us” are one and same. And I thought that the president was president of us all, and no longer just a member of “our community.”

This reflects the mindset of Obama: tribes. We are each of us defined by “our community,” and Obama, being half white, seems to have rejected that half. As a white, I now feel like a second class citizen, and would like to propose March as National White Protestant Heritage and History Month in order to feel better about my “community.”

A pox on the entire “X History/Heritage Month/Week/Day/Hour/Minute” nonsense. Let’s all just be Americans.


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