Not his intention…

…perhaps. But that’s the result. Michael Medved has a challenging op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal, titled “Obama Isn’t Trying to ‘Weaken America.’

Mr Medved is enamored of the presidency, and appears to believe that once a man is elected, he becomes a good man, with no evidence to the contrary allowed:

…the White House record of more than 200 years shows plenty of bad decisions but no bad men. For all their foibles, every president attempted to rise to the challenges of leadership and never displayed disloyal or treasonous intent.

Obama has made a career of trashing America, of apparent hatred of capitalism, and utter disdain for working-class Americans. He has apologized and bowed and scraped before foreign rulers who are not fit to shovel shit from one place to another. He is not one of us.

Is he a traitor? Not technically. Is he disloyal? Not formally, although his State Department has done some disloyal things (like sell out an ally, Poland, in order to appease an adversary, Russia). Medved complains about analyses and comments from the usual suspects: Rush Limbaugh, Sara Palin, and Dinesh D’Souza, a Christian apologist and author of “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” The alleged thesis? Obama hates America, and is dedicated to its downfall.

Evidence on the ground at least supports the latter part of that statement. Only God can know Obama’s true motives, but when he’s off-guard, Obama comes across as very much hating white America.

Turning to electoral analysis, Medved opines

the president’s most paranoid critics pay him a perverse compliment in maintaining that his idealism burns with such pure, all-consuming heat that he remains blissfully unconcerned with minor matters like his electoral future. They label Mr. Obama as the political equivalent of a suicide bomber: so overcome with hatred (or “rage”) that he’s perfectly willing to blow himself up in order to inflict casualties on a society he loathes.

Well, not blow himself up literally. But even a child could have seen the tidal wave of opposition building up to the 2010 elections, and yet Obama did nothing to change course. Even now, what we have is lip service only, with Obama’s new budget just chock full of government pork and worse-than-useless spending (e.g. Runaway Trains).

Finally, Medved asks us, in best RINO fashion, to pull our punches when trying to oust socialist Obama:

For 2012, Republicans face a daunting challenge in running against the president. That challenge becomes impossible if they’re also perceived as running against the presidency.

Nonsense on stilts. By this criterion, not “running against the presidency,” then every incumbent should, by Medved’s lights, be re-elected, regardless of how that president has governed.

Obama does not define the presidency. So far, the presidency does not seem to have shaped Obama, either. Obama did not become moderate or “good” when we made the mistake of electing him. He should be judged by his actions, not his thoughts. His actions to date indicate he either has an undying rage against America and is doing his best to break us, or he is criminally stupid. And I don’t think he’s stupid.


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