Kill Big Bird

Kill ‘im dead; deader’n a doornail. Liberals are screeching; Americans should be celebrating the potential end of Big Brother Government controlling even a small portion of the airwaves.

Those Neanderthal Republicans are at it again: attempting to kill all public funding of NPR and PBS. The screechers, including the president of NPR whines that “[t]he public values and increasingly relies on the trustworthy news and information that public radio provides.” Uh-huh. Trustworthy, you say?

Then there’s the logical inconsistency. First, NPR and its lefty acolytes insist that only 1/6th of its funding comes from the government. But that, somehow, they couldn’t possibly continue unless the government, meaning us taxpayers, cough up close to half a billion per year.

A couple of points. First, NPR is hardly balanced politically. It is at least left of center. That’s fine for a privately funded operation. Not on my dime, though. I wouldn’t want anything other than straight-up reporting, no slant. Neither would I want Fox News to be publicly funded.

Second, the whine is made that NPR deserves public funding because it supplies “more than 38 million Americans with free over-the-air programming they can’t find anywhere else.” So? Poor babies; deprived of their Masterpiece Theater? Where in our Constitution is it written that everybody must have the same entertainment? Or that we all must pay to provide that entertainment?

This is vile marxist dribble on the part of our liberal citizens. If NPR programming is so good, so vital, then surely it will survive in the marketplace of ideas. If not, feel free to pursue your version of happiness on your own dime.

Zero tax dollars for NPR.


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