Do they believe this nonsense?

It’s safe to say that the Democrats who are protesting in Wisconsin, and those who support them, are either stupid or liars.

As the video illustrates, for our charming public sector unions and Obama (yes, our community-organizer-in-chief who can’t resist the urge to jump in on the side of his union thugs), any dispute quickly becomes reductio ad hitlerum. Especially rich are the whines by the union thugs that democracy has, somehow, been trampled. By the open election of someone they did not vote for, of course.

Democracy is only good for many Democrats if the correct person wins. When the wrong person wins, like Scott Walker, who has that dread “R” after his name and is now governor, why he’s no better than Hitler or Mubarak. Those who make such a protest may believe this to be the case. In which case they are stupid. Alternately, they know better, and are lying.

From the Wall Street Journal,

The unions and their Democratic friends have also been rolling out their Hitler, Soviet Union and Hosni Mubarak analogies. “The story around the world is the rush to democracy,” offered Democratic State Senator Bob Jauch. “The story in Wisconsin is the end of the democratic process.”

As I said, if the wrong side wins, it’s not democracy.

As for Obama, it’s fascinating that he opines so quickly on something that he knows little about. For example, as cited in the Wall Street Journal,

.. it’s also no surprise that Mr. Obama said yesterday that while he knows nothing about the bill, he supports protesters occupying the Capitol building…”These folks are teachers, and they’re firefighters and they’re social workers and they’re police officers,” he said, “and it’s important not to vilify them.” Mr. Obama is right that he knows nothing about the [Wisconsin] bill because it explicitly excludes police and firefighters.

Democrat members of the Wisconsin state senate have left town, fearful of the democratic process. They ought to man up, come back, and face their Republican colleagues in the Senate. If they do not, look for some great campaign videos on the Democrats’ profiles in cowardice.

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