Four Americans were gunned down in cold blood by Somali pirates. Some of whom immediately surrendered to one of our naval vessels. And, according to the news reports, will be given trials. If those are in the United States (why bring those vermin here?), I’m certain that the idiots of the ACLU and like-minded fools will insist that we give them (at least) 4-start accommodations and free dental care.

Which raises two obvious question: why did not our armed forces in the area take more aggressive action to prevent this act of barbarism? Second, why were the pirates not killed on sight?

These pirates are not human beings; they are animals and ought to be treated as such. And yet, our squishy, feel-good military will not do what should be done to prevent recurrences. I don’t blame Obama so much for this, although he is, at least on paper, commander-in-chief.

Perhaps he has empathy with his African Somali brothers, feels the pain of their poverty, and all of the usual liberal moonbeams and unicorns nonsense. But George W. Bush was also culpable, he of the “religion of peace” mantra just after jihadists killed 3,000 of our citizens in the name of that religion.

W, too, felt their pain. Here’s a suggestion: we start acting like we have a Navy for reasons other than its current Peace Corps missions. And we start sinking all vessels off the Somali coast that do not have legitimate purpose, as determined by us. Who, exactly, would raise a finger to stop us? I’m reasonably certain this would put a stop to piracy in the region.

I should rest easy, however. Even now our State Department is drafting a harshly worded note…


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