Shaking in his sandals

Among the more pernicious things in this world is the mis-named U.N. Human Rights Council. This council, which the Bush administration had boycotted, has now been eagerly re-joined by Obama and his minions. The council includes Cuba and Libya as members, and spends the vast majority of its time on condemning those perfidious Jews in Israel.

George Orwell would be proud: this body of cretins is almost the perfect embodiment of his “war is peace” inversion of lies for the truth. Once you know that Cuba and Libya are on a U.N. body, you know that no good can come of it. Ever. But Obama and his kumbaya-singing acolytes are ever true believers in the ability of multinational bodies such as the United Nations to actually accomplish anything.

From this Fox News story, we have the sad story of a PhD (naturally) who represents Obama in this council. And, lo and behold, the council is “currently mulling over a draft resolution.” While this perversion is taking place, our president has done the equivalent of voting “present.” Finally making a statement about the government’s murdering its protesters in Libya, Obama has stated that his administration will “prepare the full range of options.”

Yes, strong stuff: “prepare” options; “mulling” over a draft statement. Obama and the U.N. Human Rights Council, both on the job. I’m certain Qaddafi is quaking in his sandals.


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