People are beginning to notice: our president continues to vote “present” when tough issues present themselves. It might have been acceptable in the Illinois state senate or the United States Senate. As president, it’s dereliction of duty.

The latest instance of voting “present” is the crisis in Libya. This is rather straightforward: here’s an avowed enemy of the West, an enemy of America, a long-time supporter of terror, on the verge of being overthrown. And we are nowhere to be seen. We’re not enforcing a no-fly zone so that Qaddafi’s air force can’t bomb and strafe protesters.

What we are doing is sending a diplomat to Geneva to talk things over with some U.N. mokes, and here at home starting to form committees who will recommend members of a task force who will possibly recommend the drafting of some really, really nasty notes.

Other nations, especially France’s president Nicolas Sarkozy, have at least been clear: Qaddafi must go. We haven’t even gone that far. As the Wall Street Journal editorial summarizes today, “What the world really needs is for an American President to lead.”

Too bad for those innocent Libyans who will be murdered while Obama sleep-walks through his term.


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