We the People

“Since when does Scott Walker represent ‘the people’?” So saith a representative sample from the Left, Eleanor Clift of Newsweek. Yes, I know. Newsweek went under a decade or so ago, when they had to start paying people to accept their rag. But, apparently, Zombie Newsweek still lives, and Eleanor Clift is among the undead liberal commentators for them.

The short answer to Clift’s arrogant question is simple: since the people of Wisconsin voted in a fair and open election for him. But surely the “people” would never elect a Republican? Well, yes, and better get accustomed to it, Eleanor.

This bit of fantasy on the part of the Left, that duly elected Republicans were, somehow, not really elected by “the people,” was played out yesterday on the McLaughlin Group.

Gov. Walker was elected by the people of Wisconsin, and the unions have a major problem with a governor (or any other elected official) who is not beholden to them.

As B. H. Obama has reminded everyone, elections matter, and, in Obama’s inimitable words, “we won.” Which was used to justify all sorts of budget-busting chicanery. But he is correct: elections do matter, and now that some adults are in charge in Wisconsin, they are attempting to right wrongs for all people of the state.

Not just the unions and their kept politicians. Or, for that matter, weak-minded commentators like Eleanor Clift.

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