Do as I say…

…not as I do. Here’s a classic “Let them eat cake” (brioche, actually, but the thought is the same) from those lovely hypocrites in the White House, B.H. and Michelle Obama: they have a personal trainer flown in to D.C. from Chicago each week.

But, by all means, reduce your carbon footprint, oh toilers in the United States, working to keep Obama and the unions flush. Given the push by Obama and his minions to regulate us to death and to socialize the production of “green” cars that few will buy, this is beyond the mild hypocrisy that many politicians partake of. You know, that “I’m just one of the guys, a struggling middle-class family trying to make ends meet and do right by Mother Gaia.”

Aside from the enviro hypocrisy, there’s that little notion of 9% unemployment and a whole lot more of us who have had to make do with less. Must be nice to have a personal trainer, and be able to have him flown in once a week.

Even nicer? Next time, electing a president who knows that he shouldn’t flaunt it in a recession.


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