Baker’s dozen

Herewith the top 13 performers in a “2012 Tea Party Presidential Poll:”

1. Rep. Paul Ryan
2. Gov. Chris Christie
3. Sen. Jim DeMint
4. Rep. Michelle Bachmann
5. Rep. Allen West
6. Gov. Tim Pawlenty
7. Gov. Bobby Jindal
8. Gov. Sarah Palin
9. Gov. Rick Perry
10. Newt Gingrich
11. Gov. Bob McDonnell
12. Herman Cain
13. Gov. Mitch Daniels.

This is the result of head-to-head matchups, and it’s interesting for three reasons.

First, the current “It’s his turn” candidate, Mitt Romney, scores very low (45%, as compared with Paul Ryan’s 79%). Second, the two candidates being most seriously discussed among conservatives (other than among the Ron Paulites), Mitch Daniels and Tim Pawlenty, both score relatively low.

Third and perhaps most interesting is the inclusion of serious politicians who hold high office who are not usually brought up: Gov. Rick Perry, Gov. Bob McDonnell, and Sen. Jim DeMint. All are successful conservatives. All would be far better presidents than the incumbent.

Add former Florida governor Jeb Bush to the mix (eek!, a Bush), and there are plenty of possibles. Too bad the Republican Powers That Be seem to have focused on Govs. Pawlenty, Daniels, and Romney, dismissing outright (for good and not-so-good reasons) Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, and most of the rest.

It will be absolutely essential that any GOP candidate be acceptable to, if not the first choice, of the Tea Party folks. It will also be a test of sanity for the so-called establishment Republicans to not have fatal aneurysms during the primary season while they try to square their own RINO traits with those who hate compromise.

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