Tin ear

And we were given to believe that Bill Daley, long-time Crime Boss Mayor of Chicago was politically savvy. Bill has apparently not been in the company of actual Republicans, else this love affair with ambassador to China Jon Huntsman would not have been reported on by The Hill:

Bill Daley: “[Huntsman’s] support of the Obama administration, his support of the president, the things he did on behalf of the administration, and the closeness in which he worked with the president is most appreciated. And I’m sure he’ll talk about that in the Republican primary.”

Firstly, our ambassadors represent the United States of America, not any particular administration. Yes, they are appointed by presidents, and serve at their pleasure. But they first and foremost represent the American people overseas. They are not Obama functionaries. Secondly, does any rational person believe that “support of the Obama administration” and “things [Huntsman] did on behalf of the administration” will make him more popular with anyone who has not partaken of the Obama kool-aid?

Of course this could be a psy-ops maneuver on the part of the Obamatons. If they praise Huntsman to the skies, it must be because they know this will hurt him with Republicans. But if Democrats try to hurt someone, it must be because they fear that Jon Huntsman, should he be the Republican nominee, can beat Obama. Thus, by this logic, Huntsman should be the Republican nominee.

Dizzy yet? Not a chance that Huntsman could beat Obama. Firstly, given the strength of the tea party, he would not get the nomination. Also, even if he did gain the nomination, far too many Republicans would simply stay home election day. Also, while it’s possible that a man who has supped at the progressive king’s table might reclaim his conservative bona fides, it’s much less likely to happen than had he not cozied up to Obama.

I’d have to chalk this up to the Obama administration having a tin ear when it comes to actual Republicans. They just don’t get us folks, bitterly clinging to our God and our guns.


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