NPR has been O’Keefed

As reported by Commentary, that pesky James O’Keefe has done it again: caught someone speaking the truth as they see it. This time it’s National Public Radio senior executive Ron Schiller caught unawares, speaking out about how NPR is, unlike other media, not controlled by the Zionists.

Even without Mr Schiller’s voice, I think we can take it on faith that NPR, sometimes called “National Palestinian Radio,” is not controlled by those dastardly Zionists.

It’s a good thing, actually, that the mask comes off. Let people see exactly what kind of people work for NPR. And by all means, use these clips to eliminate any public funding for them.

As for the claim that newspapers and other media are, somehow, controlled by “Zionists,” that’s an interesting assertion. Yes, there are quite a few Jews who work in media, especially Hollywood. And, for many, many years, the Gray Lady herself was owned and directed by Jews.

But these Jews were, and are, anything but Zionists. They are, rather, Jews who worked overtime to ensure that they would never, ever, give a pro-Israel perspective. Wouldn’t want to appear biased, now, would they?

The worst example of self-hating Jews in media? Probably the Timesmen who, to their everlasting shame, played down the Holocaust during the war, even after proof was available.

So, if some media are controlled by Jews who are not Zionists, and this is a bad thing (at least by those such as Schiller), that leaves the inescapable conclusion that it is being Jewish that is the problem. Oh, Jews and Zionists are the same now? Hmm. This Baptist Zionist must beg to differ…

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