Hard men

Representative Keith Ellison, D-MN, happens to be Muslim. He’s also a dedicated lefty, and, as reported by Fox, is up in arms (not literally) because Representative Peter King is about to hold hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims.

Of especial loveliness is the usual bromide put forward by apologists for radical Islam: Why are we picking on those peace-loving Muslims, when the (fill in the name of your favorite non-Muslim nationality or ethnicity) also do terrible things. Clearly, Ellison thinks that the Irish are hard-drinking scum of the earth terrorists. The usual name for this is “deflection,” or, more simply, “look over there; not here.”

The Left appears desperate to paint the Irish and others with the broadest possible brush of also being terrorists. Well, it’s true that there have been quite a few hard men who pushed the cause of Irish liberty well past what they should have.

The Irish terror, imposed by hard men in their struggle for independence from Britain, did heinous things. But their goal was sharply focused and limited. It was most certainly not world domination, as is Islam’s.

Irish terror has abated, and was never a threat to America or the West in the same way Islamic terror is. Of Islamic-fueled violence, no end appears in sight.

God speed to Representative King: shine a light, and let’s learn the truth. I’d love to be pleasantly surprised; don’t think I shall be.


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