Eugene Robinson is a reliable voice for the left wing of the left-leaning Washington Post. In his column today, he typifies what so many on the left seem to believe: that Representaive Peter King’s rather bland hearing into Muslim extremism in the United States was nothing more than a “witch hunt.”

Other terms bandied about loosely are “McCarthyism” and the House Unamerican Activities committee (HUAC) hearings. But “witch hunt” is a perfect embodiment of what the left appears to believe.

The Salem Witch Trials, and before them the burning of witches in Merriie Olde Englande differ in one important detail from our necessary search for Islamic terror. That detail? Witches, meaning women with magical powers, don’t exist. Sure, we’ll always have Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, but they’re not actually witches. Rhymes with…

The only problem with the simile? There never were any witches. There are, however, Islamic terrorists, home-grown and foreign born. What they have in common is an ideology grounded in the jihad that is mandated by the Koran.

Well-meaning people may argue on both sides as to whether those who commit violent acts in the name of Islam are being true to their faith. Others will trot out examples of Christian, Jewish, or Hindu terrorists. All may be found. None pose the same magnitude of threat as do Islamic terrorists. And, regardless of the terrorists’ nationality, Islam is their essential common bond.

Given that Muslims commit a huge proportion of acts of terror on American soil or to American interests overseas, it makes perfect sense to examine this very real problem.

To claim, as do illogical pundits like Robinson, that these are “witch hunts” is to take the South Park approach to dealing with Islamic terror: let’s bury our heads in sand until they stop.

Yes, that’ll work…


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