Hunger for victory…

…is the best sauce. No, not to serve with the pictured odd-toe ungulate. I doubt that Rhino steak is tasty, and it probably does not taste like chicken.

Rather, it’s is Jonah Goldberg’s wise conclusion in his recent survey of the (allegedly) disappointing GOP field for the 2012 nomination.

The names of virtually all known contenders may be found this earlier post. And for many of us on the right, the disappointing thing is that those who are more likely to be electable are also that dread word, can’t hardly bring myself to think it let alone write it: RINOs. Republicans in Name Only.

Mitt Romney is the first name that comes to mind. As the man whose name appears on what may, or may not be, the model for ObamaCare, he’s got an awful lot of ‘splainin’ to do. Also, there are vicious rumors about that he’s a typical Northeast squish on social issues. And, he’s a…shudder…Mormon. Mamas, hide your daughters, they’re godless polygamists. What? Don’t you watch Big Love?

The point is that Gov. Romney, despite these supposed negatives (just kidding, obviously, about the polygamy), would be a fine president. I’d vote for him in a heartbeat. Not that Mitt is my first or even third choice. For me, the essence of 2012 is removing Obama from office. He was unqualified, and doesn’t appear to have gained any wisdom from his on-the-job training.

Bottom line is that I’ll vote for virtually any Republican. We mustn’t be too fastidious; must not have too many litmus tests. We must not let our search for the next Ronald Reagan or an otherwise perfect candidate stop us from nominating the man or woman who will be best where it counts: Winning in 2012.

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