Drink The Black

Guinness is good for you; I can vouch for that. Tasty, fewer calories than many other beers (it’s actually a “light” beer in this sense), chock full of malty goodness.

I’ve been to Mecca, Arthur Guinness’ brewery at St James’ Gate, and I don’t care if Guinness is no longer owned by someone named Guinness: The Black you get within a few miles of the brewery is fresher and thus better than that which has been stored and transported for weeks. And don’t even think about drinking that swill that is brewed in Canada…

Regardless, life is short, drink good beer. Guinness remains my favorite. As you drink, remember that today honors a saint who helped Christianize Ireland and Europe. While there’s been a lot of backsliding in both places of late, raise your glass of Black for St Patrick.


2 thoughts on “Drink The Black

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