No to Libyan “nation-building”

One may only hope that just because the fools at the United Nations have “authorized” a “no-fly zone” for Libya, that we don’t start our third intervention in the Middle East. 

First it will be sending our fighter planes to shoot down Libyan bombers; next it will be targeting Libyan air defenses; then we’ll send in teams of our military to win the “hearts and minds” of the primitives in Libya. All with attendant American casualties, and zero gratitude from the Libyan rabble.

We are intervening without knowing who, exactly, might come out on top in Libya if Qaddafi falls. Chances are they’re not going to like us very much. The simple rule is: It does not matter who’s in charge in Libya. If we help unseat Qaddafi, loyalists will vow revenge. If we don’t, the rebels will seethe with anger. Both will still be beholden to Islamic primitivism, which holds us as infidels who should be converted or killed.

Iraq and Afghanistan may have been worth some of our blood and treasure, but Iraq is hardly a real democracy. It is fast becoming a corrupt Islamic state; Christians are leaving in droves because they are no longer welcome in a land in which they have lived for many centuries.

Afghanistan is a steaming pile of corruption; opium supplier to the world. And with a fundamentalist Islamic government to boot. The country is not worth another American life. Enough with the foolish notion that we can make democracies out of whole cloth. Begone with the idea that primitive Islamic cultures can embrace liberal democracy. That is, democracy based on the rights of man, with freedom of conscience.

These things are anathema to countries that claim to be “Islamic republics.”  Countries that have Islam as the state religion, with others tolerated, its adherents second-class citizens.  Or worse:  targets of Islamic violence, as are the Copts in Egypt.

Obama’s failed foreign policy might just have been the right thing for the wrong reasons. Obambi was frozen like a deer in the headlights of an onrushing truck, and dithered while the brave French (!) and the United Nations Security Council (!!) took the lead.

We must answer the question, “What is our vital security interest in who runs Libya?” I suggest that in this instance, it matters little who runs the country, so long as the oil flows. A different question might be, “If they did not have oil, would we even be having this discussion?” Since Libya under Qaddafi has apparently abandoned its export of terror, and has not threatened American interests in recent years, the obvious answer is “No.”

In short, let things happen as they may in Libya. We can deal with Qaddafi; we will deal with those who replace him so long as they know that they may not renew the terror-export business that Qaddafi had run in the past. Finally, if the Arab League wants a no-fly zone, let them provide the air forces to do so. We should not.

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