We’re walking, we’re walking…

…as fast as we can away from those bad decisions that someone in my immediate family made about that darned plane. From Politico, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) 

revealed Monday she owed $287,273 in back taxes for her private plane, just days after POLITICO uncovered that the first-term Democrat billed taxpayers for a political trip.

Worse, McCaskill had featured the use of a plane by her opponent in one of her previous campaigns. Again from Politico:

During the crescendo of her primary challenge to Gov. Bob Holden in July 2004, then-state auditor McCaskill ran an ad showing an airplane circling around the outline of Missouri, slamming the governor for “taking over 300 taxpayer funded trips on the state airplane.”

Well, over 300 taxpayer trips is a lot; McCaskill has been caught (emphasis on “caught”) on only one. However, since she evaded paying her taxes, to a certain extent the taxpayers funded every flight made in her plane.

But wait, there’s a silver lining. Sort of. From PoliticMo, McCaskill pats herself on the back for her “transparency:”

…McCaskill, on a conference call with a small group of reporters Monday, said the transparency she has advocated for is what allowed journalists and opponents to spot the error.

“This didn’t happen because of the Republicans. This happened because this was a public record,” she said. “I made this mistake – I’m being accountable for this mistake, and I‘m very happy I convinced my husband to sell the plane.”

Hey, Claire: you’re not made of Teflon, and nice try but no basket on blaming your hubby. It gets worse. In her defense, McCaskill said

“I have learned that Missouri is one of a minority of states that require personal property taxes be paid on airplanes that are hangared in the state and that those taxes are due to the county…”

Love that “I have learned.” This woman was the Missouri state auditor. One might think that the state auditor would know a little thing like how property taxes were assessed.

Finally, let’s see what advice McCaskill has given to future voters (from one of her earlier campaigns):’

If my walk doesn’t match my talk, shame on me and don’t ever vote for me again.’

OK, Claire. Whatever you say.

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