Confused yet?

Looks like Obama gets his wish: the United States will not be in charge of operations in the war against Libya. Oh, sorry. Not war. Rather, something called “kinetic military action.” That clarifies everything.

So, who’s in charge? Drum roll, please…it’s the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO. The military assets that operate under NATO are supplied mostly by…another drum roll…a formerly great power that used to be known as the United States of America.

Now I’ve been to NATO bases and to its headquarters; I’ve seen how decisions are made. Sort of like sausage, except with nations bickering like small children. We used to be the adult supervision for NATO. Now we’ve got a weak president who needs to give the appearance that American forces will not be killing Muslims. So, let’s pretend that we are taking a subordinate role to lesser nations.

Despite the fig leaf of NATO, it will still be predominantly American military assets that will do whatever needs to be done in Libya. Assuming it gets beyond advising the Libyan rebels on menu choices (that we’ll leave to the French), it is Americans who will likely do the preponderance of fighting and dying.

Perhaps Obama will blame the French and British if, no, when, Libyan civilians continue to be slaughtered because we don’t have an end game. As in, when will this unnecessary war be done?


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