What is our end game in Libya?

It’s gone on almost a week, and the “coalition of the willing” now has achieved air supremacy over one of the world’s smallest air forces. Break out the bubbly, lads, we’re going to celebrate! Good for us, I suppose. What if we’d lost a few planes and pilots?

Don’t worry; it’s bound to happen sooner or later. War, excuse me, kinetic something or another, leads to blood being spilled. Not always on the other side. The real question, which ought to keep us up at night, is, “what is our end game in Libya?”

It can’t be to kill or depose the eternal colonel. Our lords and masters at the United Nations have said that’s not permissible. If we don’t, however, we’re likely setting up Libya for some good old-fashioned bloodshed, a la Saddam Hussein after Gulf I did not do its job of killing the head of the snake.

But: will leaving Qaddafi in place be the worst option (assuming we’ll even have the choice)? For starters, there’s some evidence of ethnic cleansing on the part of the rebels. Secondly, given the past animosity between al Qaeda and Qaddafi, there’s also some evidence that al Qaeda is allied with the rebels.

Would that Libya did not have oil. Then nobody would give a tinker’s dam what happened there. For now, our least worst outcome looks like keeping Qaddafi in power. Which we could have done without all the expense and moral posturing by our professor-in-chief.

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