No free lunch forever, Isiah

Our neighbors to the north in Montgomery County, Maryland, are in a bind. The county’s budget is stretched so thin from decades of social welfare that they’ve had to make Draconian cuts in order to survive. As reported in today’s WaPo:

At a time when public employees unions are fighting for their lives elsewhere in the United States, the munificence of Montgomery’s benefits package was captured in an e-mail this month notifying workers, in the understated prose of a Q&A fact sheet, that “the County will no longer cover the cost of purchasing medications used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).”

Hope you were sitting down for that one. Talk about a fascist takeover of their blessed county. Next thing you know, they’ll have to show up for work. Well, the unionized (of course; this is the People’s Republic of Montgomery County) folks massed on Rockville, the county seat, with their leader Delilah:

More than 200 chanting government workers demonstrated outside the main government office building in Rockville last week, complete with a rented goat named Delilah munching on one of the “wanted” posters emblazoned with [county executive Isiah] Leggett’s photograph. “For: Contract Busting & Scapegoating County Workers,” it read. “Bring This Fugitive to Justice.”

Leggett, in case you did not guess, is a Democrat. A rather lefty one, at that; a man who would not be uncomfortable at a Socialist Workers’ Party meeting.

But it’s not about him. It’s about those poor, lowly, downtrodden yet overpaid munchkins who “work” for Montgomery County. Insert joke here about their future sex lives, but the serious point is that these folks are probably holding down jobs that most people would love to have. And Leggett has just discovered that there really isn’t a free lunch forever.


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