Today is apparently the anniversary of the Three Mile Island nuclear accident. The accident that resulted in zero fatalities, but which effectively killed the nuclear power industry in the United States.

Thousands have died around the world in my lifetime from mining coal; none have died due to nuclear accidents at commercial power reactors in the United States. Likewise, neither have there been any nuclear power fatalities in France, Germany, or Britain, or…Japan. Not that you would know it from the useful idiots pictured here.

Not shown is another photo from the commemoration (page A5 of today’s dead tree WaPo), which had the usual weepy nonsense, “pray for the Japanese nuclear disaster victims.”

Of course we should always pray for “disaster victims.” Many people, at least those not among the 10-20,000 now dead because of the earthquake and tsunami, had to evacuate. Of course we wish them well in their days of trial. They’re still alive, however.

Given that there have been zero deaths due to the nuclear plant’s damage, and on the order of 10,000 due to the earthquake/tsunami, isn’t this very public concern a little, well, disproportionate? Or, actually, heinously so?

The close connection with the “No Nukes” crowd gives away the game: these are Luddites, people who either have an irrational hatred of technology, an irrational fear of radiation, or, most likely, are simply against anything that elevates our society above the cave dwellers of the remote past.


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