All you need know…

…about politics is summarized today by Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt:

The opposition’s message, every [election] cycle, is essentially, “Vote for us for free ice cream.” The fiscally conservative message is, “There is no more free ice cream, and in fact the ice cream has never been free.” If selling that message were easy, we would never have gotten into this mess.

Most voters are unlikely to appreciate this political wisdom. Especially those who swooned over a candidate, who, in the immortal words of Joe Amtrak Biden, is a “mainstream African-American…articulate and bright and clean…”

Are voters that dense? Unfortunately, yes. If you ask most people if they’d like to get a good or service for “free,” of course the answer is “yes.” If the question is, “would you like to get something for no extra cost to you, even if others have to pay more through taxes,” the answer is also likely “yes” from too-large a majority. It’s only when we are told that a good or service will cost us more that most of us get stingy.

It’s human nature, I suppose: nothing is expensive if someone else pays for it. For us taxpayers, everything the government does is not free. We pay for it. That’s the lesson.


One thought on “All you need know…

  1. That may be the lesson but here’s the problem;

    No political party actually believes in fiscal responsibility. And, if you had to choose which party has a better track record with the tax payers money, you couldn’t go with the Republicans.

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