“un-Islamic acts”

Wonder what those are? Judging from current headlines, they include equal rights for women, and freedom of expression. The latter, in Afghanistan, has resulted in quite a few deaths, and the usual U.S. flag-burning. Oh, and “death to Obama” chants as well. Those darn Tea Partiers….

Oh, right. Nothing to do with this brand of Islamic extremism. Mustn’t stereotype, after all. The Afghani adherents of the “religion of peace” were specifically protesting the burning of a Koran by an attention-seeking pastor. They called the Koran-burning an “un-Islamic act.” Well, I suppose it was. But then, the pastor who burned the Koran may be an idiot, but he’s perfectly within his rights to burn it. Where in the Koran does it give permission to murder because someone committed an “un-Islamic act?”

The folks in Afghanistan are burning my flag, so they can stuff their indignation where the Koran does not dare to go (Oh. Right. It does go there…) Worse than burning of Old Glory, whose sons and daughters have died to give these “people” rights they clearly don’t understand, is the murder of foreigner.

It’s all in a day’s work for those who believe that Islam is supreme. Don’t let anyone blame that pastor in Florida for these killings. He didn’t kill and behead innocents. And if we are to give up our freedom of speech because we’re afraid of the evil acts committed by extremists, then we might as well just throw out that dusty old Constitution and declare Obama our king for life.

Of course, the mainstream media will tar that idiot pastor exercising his First Amendment rights with being responsible for the killings done by Islamists. No. That’s the road to perdition. Blame the killings on the killers, period.


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