None dare call it treason…

…yet that is exactly what it is. What we have is Jimmy Carter, Fidel Castro’s best friend forever, going down to Cuba yet again to shill for the communist dictatorship.

As relayed by Mary Anastasia O’Grady, Carter again is being a useful idiot for the dictator in Cuba:

For more than three and a half decades the world’s most famous peanut farmer has toiled to get the island’s repressive military dictatorship more respect from the U.S. This trip was no different. Agence France Press reported that it was undertaken at “Havana’s invitation” and “aimed at improving U.S.-Cuba relations.” Fidel praised Mr. Carter as “brave and serious.”

Yes, Carter is “brave:” in a just world he would be tried and convicted of treason against the United States. The Cuban dictatorship is our enemy. Has been for over 50 years. Carter and other useful idiots who hobnob with Fidel show disdain if not outright hatred of the Cuban people, who have long suffered under the Castro yoke.

Worse, Carter urges us to release Cuban spies who were rolled up and convicted in 1998. Perhaps Jimmah should defect to Cuba. At least then he’d be honest. He’s not an American when he takes the part of ruthless communist thugs. As Ms O’Grady writes, We may never know why Mr. Carter agreed to be used.

May I suggest that Carter was used because he allowed himself to be used, and, likely, does not think he’s being used. Which is why he is both a useful idiot and a traitor.

Cambio en Cuba. Ahora.

One thought on “None dare call it treason…

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