“just a matter of eliminating waste and abuse”

Good government types are fond of rooting out “fraud, waste, and abuse.” And, as a veteran of the defense complex, I can attest that there’s gold in them thar toilet seats (the mythical $800 toilet seats procured by the Pentagon). Of course government is inefficient, clumsy, often stupid in its waste of our money. So why would anyone think that more government would solve a debt crisis?

Well, our president would. Obama claimed we can achieve multi-billion dollar savings through making government more efficient. He claimed yesterday he could save $4 trillion, that’s trillion with a “t,” and it’s “just a matter of eliminating waste and abuse” in Medicare. And, natch, “making government smarter, leaner and more effective.”

Oh, and here cue the budget-whisperer, raising taxes. Which of course isn’t stated. Oh no, that would be honest. Instead, it’s “reduce spending in the tax code.” And it’s that dread pirate Bush’s fault, due to tax cuts and the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Don’t worry, those are the same Bush tax cuts that Obama agreed to last December. Oops. Down the memory hole with that…

In total, a weak performance by a whiner. It’s always the fault of someone else. Overall, the leader in the deficit reduction effort is Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI). The follower, at a great distance, is Obama.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial today sums it up nicely in their headline: “The Presidential Divider; Obama’s toxic speech and even worse plan for deficits and debt.”


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