“a fine of not more than $5,000”

Toronto, Ontario, has made it illegal to idle one’s engine for more than 60 seconds.

But, not to worry: you won’t be fined more than $5,000, according to § 517-3. Offences. That’s reassuring…

This in the name of cleaner air, of course. I don’t know what kind of traffic they have in Toronto, but I’m reasonably certain that standing still for more than 60 seconds would be rather common, at least during rush hours.

This presents no problem for newer hybrids; they all automatically turn the engine off at rest, and restart quickly when motion resumes. The on-board batteries provide for necessary functions while the engine is off, such as air conditioning, power steering, etc.

What if you’ve got a 15-year old beater that can barely start to begin with? Well, too bad for you. What are you, an enviro-criminal? All of this is a pretty good example of what happens when those who would surrender liberty for a political agenda gain power.


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