Taxation without Representation

Today’s WaPo has yet another whiney piece on how those poor, downtrodden Democrat voters in the People’s Republic of Columbia, a.k.a. Washington, D.C., don’t have their own Representative and Senators. I write “whiney” since the article’s headline says it all: “D.C. voting rights proponents’ faith in Obama sinks.”

Well, my faith is in God and His Son Jesus, but, whatever floats your boat. To those folks in D.C., don’t put your trust in princes, I’d say. The premise is that since Obama is black, he’d naturally be able to part the waters and provide two additional liberal Senators and one liberal Representative to the District. Turns out the Great One was far too busy adding trillions to our debt and working to make our citizens mere cogs in the Great Washington D.C. Machine.

Or, Government Über Alles, as the current Democrat slogan has it. Oh. Right. I’m getting liberals confused with another political faction.

As for voting “rights” for residents of the District, the U.S. Constitution says that those who don’t live in states can’t vote for Members of Congress. Specifically:

Section 2, Clause 1: The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States…

Section 3, Clause 1: The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State…

Residents of D.C. can, courtesy of Amendment XXIII, cast their three electoral votes for whichever Democrat is running for president. I happen to think that this Amendment was a mistake, but it was properly ratified; so be it.

Another way for residents of D.C. to gain votes for actual voting members of Congress: amend the Constitution to allow D.C. residents to have their own representative and senators. That’s not going to pass the House, let alone be ratified by the States, so there’s got to be another way.

Another, more logical way: retrocession to Maryland, leaving a small Federal District within the retroceded territory. Given the drug and crime culture of D.C., Maryland isn’t very keen on this (they already have Baltimore and Prince Georges County, after all), and would have to approve any such deal, along with Congress. We in Virginia got back our territory long before the District became Crack Central; we’re happy.

That leaves statehood, which is as likely as a snowstorm in July in Key West, given that it remains unclear whether Congress or a constitutional amendment can do the job. Neither is likely to ever happen.

So, boo hoo for those poor, downtrodden District residents, who do pay Federal taxes but can’t vote on those who impose them. For those who knew this before they moved into D.C., hard cheese. Move out. For those who are too poor to move out to gain voting rights, they pretty much don’t pay taxes anyway, now, do they?

I’ll admit that no one should be taxed without representation. So here is my modest proposal: exempt all D.C. residents from paying Federal income taxes. In return, eliminate their annoying and useless “non-voting Representative.” Also cease all Federal payments for city services in D.C., other than those afforded to the States. We’ll see how much the District likes their new arrangement, when they’ve got to pay for their mini-welfare state.

Look at the upside: If D.C. became a (Federal) tax-free zone, I’d pretty much guarantee a flood of businesses and wealthy individuals would take up residence there. Which could not help but improve the place.


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