violating common sense

This story from Scranton, PA pretty much says it all about why it’s wrong to have a public sector union. The lead sentence:

The Scranton police union has filed an unfair labor practice complaint against the city for an off-duty drug arrest made by Police Chief Dan Duffy in March.

The details of the story reveal that the union is apparently more concerned with its precious bargaining rights than with why Scranton has a police force in the first place: to enforce the law and protect its citizens from criminals.

I’m familiar with Scranton; I’ve a daughter who teaches at the University of Scranton, a fine Jesuit institution. Contrary to popular opinion, which is, to be gentle, uncharitable, I actually like Scranton just fine. I just hadn’t realized how selfish the police union there had become.

Has it come down to this? Where cops forget they took an oath (as I assume the Scranton force does) to enforce the law? The chief in Scranton came up through the ranks; he’s a cop. No union should complain when a cop does what he’s supposed to do. When they do make such a complaint, they are in essence violating their oath.

They are certainly, at least in this case, violating common sense.


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