Spiked’s Brendan Neill has a piece up that many here in the States will recognize: Tescophobia: a new middle‑class malady. His lead paragraph:

For a few years now Britain’s chattering classes have been in the grip of a peculiar malady. We might call it Tescophobia. Symptoms include an irrepressible desire to write long, boring tracts about how wicked Tesco is and a weird kind of brain rot that leads you to see perfectly normal behaviour – such as people buying nice food at low prices – as ‘evil’ and ‘thoughtless’. There is no known cure. Though I’m sure a glass of Tesco own brand ‘Scotch’ whisky could help tame this moralistic fever.

That “moralistic fever” here in the States might be called WalMart Fever. Same phenomenon. Our bien-pensant class simply abhors WalMart.

A few years ago, I was in Aberdeen, Scotland for a couple of weeks. And I discovered the Aberdeen City Tesco. It was a great place to shop, just as WalMart is, and for the same reasons: Well-stocked, pleasant staff, and, best of all, pleasant prices.

Here in America, WalMart Fever comes with a bonus: WalMart is not unionized. Imagine the shock and horror of the arugula chompers, most of whom have yet to get their hands dirty actually doing physical work. They’re very unlikely to ever join a union or know anyone who actually works in one, other than so-called public employees’ unions. But they know what the correct received opinions are.

They love unions simply because that’s what they’ve been indoctrinated into believing. Actually, it’s business they hate, and anything (such as unions) that hurts businesses, must be a good thing.

Not only do poor people (ugh!) shop at WalMart, poor people work there (double ugh!). Not at all a place for the soft-hands crowd. I’d say that both Tesco, and WalMart, are testaments to liberty, to the ability to thrive in a tough market. Kudos all around, and if either of these chains gives lefties the fits, more power to them.


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