The Washington Post has discovered that a lot of folks down South don’t wait around for the government to rescue them. Today’s story includes the obligatory aside that this particular slice of Alabama, hit very hard, was “predominantly Republican.”

Well, it is the WaPo, and they’re doing their level best to ensure the re-election of The One. After all, if those possum-eatin’ hillbillies in ‘Bama are “predominantly Republican,” well, all you enlightened folks up here in Government Land know you couldn’t possibly be Republican.

But I digress. The Post, to its credit, does tell the basic story: people in Alabama, and, likely in most of the South hit by the tornadoes, are not waiting for Obama and his minions to save them. They are Americans, and have not forgotten how to fend for themselves.

The contrast with what happened in 2005’s Hurricane Katrina is striking: many people in New Orleans were simply waiting for Uncle Sam to come get them. To bail them out, perhaps literally bailing the water out of their homes. One young woman, in particular, standing in knee-high water, was whining that “no one was coming to get her.” Just standing there, mind you.

Different mindset, perhaps engendered by generations being wards of the state in NOLA. It’s a warning, as well: if you think and act as though you are dependent on government, sooner or later you will lose the ability to do anything on your own.

The “predominantly Republican” folks in Alabama and likely elsewhere in the South appear not to have forgotten that they can do for themselves.


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