Outside the box

Mitt Romney has doubled down on RomneyCare. Not terribly useful for his candidacy among Republicans; perhaps he’s going to switch parties…

As reported at NRO’s Primary Event, the Obama White House just loves Mitt for his RomneyCare, and…drum roll, maestro…

New Jersey governor Chris Christie had some words of praise for Mitt Romney.”Governor Romney’s speech yesterday was just the type of tone we need,” Christie said in a statement. “While folks may not agree with what he said, that type of candor is what Americans expect from a serious presidential candidate today.”

Very kind of Gov. Christie. Perhaps revealing, as well. RomneyCare was, and is, a mistake. For the Bay State; for the nation as a whole.

Honesty, and Mitt Romney is honest as the day is long, gets high marks. Honesty in the service of a huge mistake, however, is not something we want in our president. We’d prefer honesty coupled with good policy choices.

As for Governor Christie, this sort of thing may be a useful warning. To the effect that he is anything but a true conservative. Now, don’t misunderstand: Chris Christie is, to a certain extent, the anti-Obama. He is a plain-spoken and, so far, effective governor of a basket case of a state. Hard not to like.

Is Christie just another Northeastern RINO? Insufficient information at this point. Also, there have been allegations among some far right websites that he has a soft spot for Islamists, stemming from his appointment of Sohail Mohammed to the New Jersey Superior Court. These are unproven and may simply be smear tactics. Yet they are troubling.

If we Republicans are to draft a newcomer to the national scene, I commend Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan for our attentions. Bobby Jindal might also be another such (policy wonk, but Ryan’s made that a good thing again).

Outside the box, people…

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