You’re fired, Donald

Donald Trump has done us all a service. By both raising important issues, and by then leaving the scene in favor of the adults in the GOP.

The Donald has fired himself from running for president. While he is easy to dismiss as a buffoon, he was not afraid to call out Obama on how thin his lifetime documentation is. No long-form birth certificate, no college records and transcripts. The man’s practically a ghost, having wafted through life.

Well, the birth certificate has been released, finally. And Obama and his minions will no longer be able to charge folks who ask about it as being “racists.” One less thing to distract from attacks on Obama’s sad record in office. Oh, right. He got Osama. Yea. Now let’s build windmills and solar powered unicorns…

Trump could not have won the election. It’s also doubtful he’d have even gotten that far in the primaries, as far too many Republicans considered him to not be one us. Still, he raised some good points and sure talked a good game. Then there’s the delicious thought picture of The Donald taking Obama to school during a debate.

Donald, we hardly knew ye…


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