Who will be the anti-Mitt?

Jennifer Rubin, even though she now posts at the Washington Post, provides a solid glimpse at the respectable right wing, albeit with a neocon tinge. I commend her Right Turn blog as a daily read. Today she includes this worthwhile summary of events post-Huckabee, post-Trump, soon-to-be-post-Gingrich:

…those Republicans bemoaning the current, shrunken crop of presidential contenders may take some solace in the recognition that there is an extraordinary group of rising stars (Christie, Rep. Paul Ryan, [Virginia Governor Bob] McDonnell, [South Carolina Governor Nikki] Haley, [Senator Marco] Rubio, etc.) who will populate the GOP presidential tickets for many future elections. But it sure would be nice if one of them realized that there is a golden opportunity in 2012 to beat a mediocre primary field and challenge an incumbent with a lousy economic record.

Spot on. What’s missing from our current field is excitement. Although our party’s elders, at least the inside-the-Beltway bunch of them, seem to think that what we need now is dull and solid, if not downright stolid. That Obama has been all hat and no cattle, and that people want to see some substance.

Sorry, but as Fred Thompson is apt to say, “that dog won’t hunt.” In the short list of names that Ms. Rubin gives, there’s more than a couple who are both principled conservatives and who would generate tremendous excitement. To anyone who claims that they’ve too little experience in the public square, I say that some of the so-called mainstream candidates may have 20 years of experience, but its 20 times the same year.

Think outside the box…

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