Truth teller

It may be uncomfortable for many Americans to read Bat Yeor. She’s got an annoying tendency to write the unvarnished truth. Today, she summarizes the glaring omission from Obama’s most recent attempt to sound statesman-like on the Middle East.

Contra what so many on the left, and so many well-meaning people in the middle believe, there is no moral equivalence between the Arabs and Israel. Further, There is no relationship between Arab and Muslim terror against the West and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

As for the “who is at fault?” question, it’s the Arabs who could not accept a Jewish minority in what had become Muslim land, though Jews have lived in the Middle East for more than 2,000 years. Or, did you not wonder how Judea came to be so named?

From Ms Yeor, what Obama should have known and said:

In the Arab–Israeli conflict, it should be acknowledged that the Arab-refugee problem was the consequence of the unsuccessful Arab wars in 1948 and 1967, which were conducted with the goal of destroying Israel and the active collaboration of the local Arabs. Those wars created an even higher number of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, including Judea and Samaria, whose Jews suffered massacres and expulsions and, under Jordanian occupation, had all their assets confiscated by Arab Palestinians. And that’s not to mention the Jewish refugees from other Arab countries who were expelled after massacres, rapes, and persecutions.

Obama’s formulation, giving away Jerusalem and the rest of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank, is never going to be acceptable to a nation whose existence depends on defensible borders. And, make no mistake, the 1967 borders, leaving Israel no more than nine miles wide at its waist, are not defensible.

As for Jerusalem, before the 1967, Arabs would not permit Jews to worship at the Western Wall of the Temple. Any Christian or Jew who reads the Bible knows the central place that the City of David has in the heart of faithful Jews. Or should know.

Jerusalem will not be divided again. Israel will now know that Obama is not a friend (as if they haven’t figured that out already).


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