Everyone is kung fu fighting…

Mark Steyn gives an impassioned defense of free speech here. At issue are the speech-police establishments in formerly free societies such as Australia and England, the latter having prosecuted someone for performing “Kung Fu Fighting,” during which some Chinese happened to be listening. Oh no, they’ve taken offense.

These allegedly free nations and their politically correct speech enforcers are engaged in the project of assigning all approved minorities into protected categories, such that speech critical of those minorities is labeled “hate speech” and prosecuted with the full vigor of the state. Certain groups, you see, have the “right” to never, ever be offended by the speech of others.

This is Emmanual Goldstein and the Two-Minute Hate territory. Mark’s central point? Human rights are vested in individuals. The moment these rights are restricted to only approved groups, then everyone’s liberty is held cheap.


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