Calling his bluff

Our trainee president sure gets huffy when a leader of one of those other pesky branches of government treats him as an equal, and not as our Divine Emperor. Hence his girly performance, petulantly grabbing his purse and storming out of the room in the debt ceiling talks with Eric Cantor.

Well, he had one of his sycophants grab his purse, but Obama might as well have been wearing a skirt for all the lack of manliness he displays when challenged. As Victor Davis Hanson notes over at The Corner,

I’m not the world’s greatest poker player, but I thought the point of bluffing was not to tell the other players that one was bluffing? “Don’t call my bluff” seems a plea for mercy, not a threat, as in, Don’t expose the fact that I have no cards to play.

If the debt ceiling and the spending that caused the problem wasn’t a serious threat to our fiscal health, this would be laughable. But this is serious business, as we head down the path already well-trod by failed socialist states like Greece.

What is truly disgusting is watching Obama pretend that he is above the fray, the “adult” in the room, who has had no hand in our outrageous deficit spending. Oh, right. It’s Bush’s fault…


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