Demon Rum

There’s a book review in today’s Washington Post, and the subject is Obama’s loving dad. Barack Obama, senior, is, to be blunt, what we used to call a piece of work. A serial womanizer, abuser, drunk, and all-around lout. The kind of lowlife who beats women.

None of this is our president’s fault. And it is a testament to his own character that, at least in some areas, Barack Obama has lived a normal and decent life. His politics are marxist nonsense, and he has the politician’s habit of lying. But in this he’s one of many politicos. At least he doesn’t beat women or abuse the sauce.

The point is not to paint our president with the broad strokes of moral failure that his father exhibited. Rather, it’s to illustrate what has been the expected response of the guilty-white-liberal press: it’s not Obama Senior’s fault, you see. It’s whitey. And Demon Rum.

The author of the book review doesn’t use the old term Demon Rum. But he does lay the blame for Senior’s descent into the pit on whitey. From the review:

But had white antipathy toward his unrestrained personal life not shattered Obama’s life dream of a Harvard PhD, whiskey might not have derailed a brilliant alcoholic from a life of far greater length and achievement.

“White antipathy.” The presumption presumably being that blacks would have been just fine with Barack Obama Sr.’s lack of morality; that whites somehow picked on the man; that it was racist to insist on a modicum of character in a Harvard grad student.

As for “whiskey might not have derailed a brilliant alcoholic,” whiskey is not a sentient being. Obama Senior was the sentient being, and was ultimately responsible for his own actions.

Alcoholism may be a disease, but many, many who suffer from it have overcome the disease. Twelve steps, baby. Would that guilty white liberals who write such tripe in the WaPo might also overcome their disease.


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