Dread Neo-Cons again?

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) has had a couple of Bush associates in to brief him on national security matters. This has gotten some folks, including some conservatives, whipped up into a “Hide your women and children, here come the dread Neo-Cons!” frenzy.

Now, me, I hope that we conservatives have learned from the past decade: nation-building in places where the rocks are smarter than the people is a waste of time. And, given his track record in Texas, I’d like to think that Perry has more common sense than to go all Wilsonian on us.

Perry and his predecessor George W. Bush are quite different hombres. Delve into their at-odds history, and know that Rick Perry is a conservative conservative, not a “compassionate conservative.” Whatever that is. Hey, I’ve got to hand it to a guy whose boots are labeled “Freedom” and “Liberty.”

That Gov. Perry was briefed by a couple of Bush associates doesn’t bother me. That said, if he comes out with any “nation-building” nonsense, that would end any chance I’d vote for him in the primaries.


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