Who’s up and who’s down matters

Jim Geraghty writes, with respect to the apparent terrorist attack(s) in Norway, “who’s up and who’s down in American politics seems petty and small today.”

I take the point that details and intricacies of polling and percentages for each of many candidates are not, of and by themselves, vital. There is, however, a larger issue directly related to “who’s up and who’s down.”

In the long game that is our politics, who becomes president matters greatly. The “ups and downs” of the primaries are vital to us nominating, and electing, someone who will be a leader. A strong leader.

Someone who won’t go about the world bowing and scraping, giving apologies and projecting weakness. Someone not ashamed to stand tall for America, and convince would-be terrorists that the price of attacking us will be high, indeed.

This matters greatly, and even seemingly insignificant events, like the poll of very few folks in Ames, Iowa, can have an impact far greater than a single terrorist incident. Of which, there are, partly due to our current weakness, far too many.


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